Mobile Training. Podcasts. Audiobooks. Gaming. Just the beginning

Digital content delivery gives you many options for turning your message into a statement to your customers, fans and employees. Voice production once took weeks, but content for today’s digital consumer can be produced much more quickly to meet the international appetite for audio and video content.

Mobile workforce training, digital marketing, audiobooks and podcasts are among the most prominent changes in the last few years, allowing your listeners, customers, and fans immediate access to your content. It no longer matters if you serve a specialized, niche industry: you can reach the interested parties around the globe more quickly than ever. Your content can reach viewers and listeners almost anywhere.

In recording podcasts for the gaming industry, digital tours for healthcare and technology, audio books for independent authors, and training for corporations across America, I’ve been privileged to work with teams who know how important their message is to their audience. These messages help in a number of ways, from growing a fanbase for a video game, building employee skills and retention, teaching about information security, demonstrating industry leading technology, and even making it possible to bring along the works of new authors as an audiobook.

With a well appointed studio space and professional recording gear, I can record your materials in my studio, your studio, or at nearly any location you desire, or even via Skype as your needs and budget dictate. Listen to some of the samples provided and contact me today so we can discuss YOUR project.